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Building a tiny house in oz

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Where to put it? Caravan parks

Is it legal: Caravan parks?

Next stop in the regulation road tour is the question of where to park once it is finished. This is a massive town of information, so we are going to stay a few days and split our tour up into different places.

First tour in tiny house tour of ” where to park tinyhouseinoz” is caravan parks. In nsw, there are state and local councils which both have regulations regarding this question. The main one consulted is called the ‘Local government act 2005’ (LG 2005) The link will be on the resources page and at the bottom of every post as well as links to other regulations mentioned.

According to the act, it is legal to live in a caravan park in a tiny house or caravan. However, ( isn’t there always a however) the act also defines that a caravan park should have short term and long term sites. If you manages to acquire a long term site then there is no maximum stay. These sites are about $200 a week to rent depending on your location and power needs. These also may or may not need council approval. This depends on your local council.

However, short term sites in caravan parks pose a problem. According to the local government act, a person is not permitted to stay in a short term site for more than 150 days in a 12 month period. If you are using your tiny for holidays occasionally i.e every school holidays then this is definitely an option. However if your tiny house is your main residence. Then your tiny house needs to be in a long term site which, again, may or may not mean council approval.

Personally, since I am planning on living in my tiny house this may be a problem. Caravan parks are an option I am considering. I love the community aspect and the facilities attached ( that the regulations say have to be there) I.e laundry, bathroom, means that I don’t need to carry it in my Tinyhouseinoz. However at $200 a week, as they are around Sydney/NSW I question the expense. A room in Sydney is around that amount. So in theory I would rather not give that $200 to someone else. I feel like that money wether. It goes to the caravan park owner or a landlord is still wasted money that I worked hard for! However, just my humble opinion folks. Please choose what’s right for you and also look into your local council regulations.

The act quote is a state act called ‘Local Government (Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Moveable Dwellings) Regulation 2005’ . I payed particular attention to part 3. The link is below.

local government regulation 2005

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Regulations part 1: local council

Except from development!!!

You have no idea how good it is to read those words!!! In oz there are council, state, and federal laws regarding building “new dwellings”. My head hurts from all the rules and regulations but from what i understand according to council laws tiny houses are exempt from requiring a development application or DA. This is an expensive process as well as a long one so I am very happy!!

According to local council tiny houses are exempt from requiring a DA because they are ‘ moveable’ and registrable’ This council has a free service with a ‘duty planner’ so I will contact them this week to clarify but all looking good!!

Next stop: talk to council as well as other builders, caravan manufactures, other government agencies to clarify building laws.