Tiny house in oz

Building a tiny house in oz


G’day, welcome to my blog. The aim of this blog is is document the whole process of building a tiny house in oz. what you need to know!!


* My students call me Miss B

* I am a self employed music teacher who specialises in teaching woodwind instruments

* I adore my job

* I am a true blue Aussie, the land of kangaroos, koalas and ” shrimp of the barbie” as well as the Sydney opera house, beautiful beaches and bush land and fabulously friendly people.

* I love peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake

* I spend my time off watching movies and the occasional tv shows on DVD. My favourite shows are NCIS and the Big Bang theory.

* I am a full blown Christian who concentrates on living a life, that is simple, natural, and frugal. Although my faith is a big part of my life aka it may come up, I will not push my faith or values onto anyone. I believe in love and acceptance as well as mutual respect.  I am by far a perfect human being who has a faith and values that work for her. if you live differently to me that’s ok.

* I am happy to answer an questions about building a tiny house, but I am by far from an expert please don’t take any information on this site  to be true. Please obtain your own advice relaxant to your circumstances .

* I can be emailed at tinyhouseinoz@gmail.com


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