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Where to park yer tiny


There was a question on tiny houses Australia Facebook regarding where to park yer tiny. Was too long to fit so i thought i would post here. Just my two cents worth.

Where to park yer tiny: finding a place to build or stay

Although Im not a marketing expert in any way, i do run a small business. Most people , including myself , look at advertisements in relation to whats in it for them. So thats what i would focus on. Who are interested in these houses? And what gains do they get from you building in their area?

So my 2 cents

Target market:

A) senior citizens: Australia has an increasing no of seniors retiring, most of these would love to stay in their own house as they get older. Children move out so big backyards could be used for tiny house living. In exchange for rent or help around the garden or house. Some may even be glad of the company and/or security another person provides.

Where to place ads: Churches, social groups aka mens shed, community newspapers, community notice boards,

B) Farms: same concept as above farms truly have lots of space. A extra building in exchange for help around the farm, would be ideal. If your work could be based outside city life.

Where to,place ads: Same as above churches , farming newspapers, community areas,

C) Eco villages: these are communities of people who buy a huge block of land and then share community spaces while maintaining their own very small piece of land. Buying one of these small pieces of land could be ideal for tiny house living especially if you are after the community aspect of a village.

Where to advertise: approach directly through personal contact.

D) Business:: big business that use industrial areas especially that use or sell things needed for a tiny house. Bunnings comes to mind. They get example of what you can do with their materials and you get a build site. May not be suitable long term however. They may even give you a small bulk discount on your materials while you build. Tiny houses are still unique here so that is a selling factor. Bonus all your materials are close by! No deliveries!

Where to approach: i would contact directly, even better if they have a community development department or similar. Cant hurt to write a proposal

E) people in the biz, builders, tradies,, designers and their schools like tafe or other private collages. These schools always have an oval or three. Oval equals spare land. You may even get the local design students or building students to help you build and make it part if their course work!

How to approach: again i would approach the building instructors, people who teach design, building, electrical, plumbing etc. do it with a. Individual proposal rather than an ad online.

F) anyone: i would also do an online postings everywhere. People may not be able to accommodate you but may know people who have a spare space. I would do an online blitz. Gumtree, tiny house Facebook pages,craigslist etc. you never know who will be interested in these houses.

G) caravan parks, although i have looked at caravan parks before. They can be a viable option for some tiny house owners. In oz you will need to find a long term site. Not easy since these are being fazed out in favour of short term leases. Or do two or three short term sites a year and move once every 3-6 months. May not let you build on site though. Caravan parks are again mainly suburban, so may be a problem if you work in the city.

Oh and i have to give credit to tiny houses Australia otherwise i will suffer the consequences of his wrath!

Just some ideas!! Anybody else??


3 thoughts on “Where to park yer tiny

  1. I’m thinking of buying my own cheap block of land in regional vic and renting out my land to other tiny house owners / caravans etc. The only thing i’m questioning is the number of individual power connections required, water connections etc. So that could get messy, or maybe council wouldn’t mind. Difficult times ahead whilst I figure out a way.

    All the methods you have mentioned above are good, but involve “singing for your dinner” meaning that you have to do something to advantage the people you are getting the land from. I’d rather march to the beat of my own drum thanks.

    Great post!

    • Thanks for your comment Megan, me too. I would rather pay minimal rent and bills. In the long term thats the plan. if you park in a caravan park you are covered under residential tenant act. Hence, have the same rights and responsibilities as any normal tenant would. Its actually illegal to camp on private land so any “rent” has to be done without anyone knowing. More on private land parking tomorrow.

      Check out tiny Aussie homes, chris and Natalie and looking into a tiny house community. Haven’t really looked into electricity or sewer/water but i imagine this house would be as off grid as it can be. Being on the grid means ongoing bills and other expenses like council rates etc. hoping to avoid most of that!

  2. It would be great to get a directory of what Australian councils allow Tiny Houses on bush blocks. I would love to get a off the grid setup.

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