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Building a tiny house in oz

Tiny house plans


Haven’t posted an update about tinyhouseinoz for a while. Truth is I’m stuck in that regard!! One main decision I need to do is the plans. There are a number of plans out there as well as the option of creating my own. So I thought I would blog to see if it would help me decide which to do. And maybe get a few opinions! What would you choose dear readers?

A) Tumbleweed fencl.

Adore the design and simple layout of the fencl especially the bay window. About average of 120 sq ft.

Workshop in oz: having a workshop here in October. At a cost of well over $200. Like the idea of hands on workshop and of representative here but can’t assume that they will be due to the second point below.

High cost of plans can be part payed every month.

Cost: plans $900 plus $500 if I want it to be converted into metric measurements. Plus Approx $25000 to build in materials. This is the most expensive of the tiny house plans

Business practices I strongly disagree with! I will leave it al that!

Inflexible design, the layout of the fencl can not be changed, easily. Yes people have changed them but not significantly.

B) four lights: Weller

By the original designer of the fencl, the Weller looks like the fencl, down to my favourite bay window.

Buy plans with just the shell. The inside layout will be up to me. I like the idea of flexibility. These plans are average cost in the cost scale. Shell plans are about $300 full layout plans are $500 but they don’t come in metric measurements yet. Cost to build on a trailer is about $12000. Half the cost of the fencl.

Looks like a gorgeous tiny house! Have you seen it? Stunning details? Jay Schaffer is a brilliant designer!

Built on a trailer of a foundation smallest tiny house at 115 sq ft

Plans aren’t in metric yet, this means that tinyhouseinoz has to do it herself. Let it be known that tinyhouseinoz isn’t good at maths. Terrible in fact! Like when they have those answer this maths question to comment on a blog ( to see if you are a real person) I have to use my fingers or even google calculator. Yes, that bad!!

Closest workshop is Hawaii in January. That’s a 10 hour flight!

Due to regulations here in oz the door needs to be changed from right hand side to left hand side. Did I mention I was bad at maths? No clue how to do this, or even if its possible!

C) small house project Moschata.
Plans cost $10!! No idea of how much to build though. I would estimate the same as above between $10,000 and $15,000

Like like weller, this is just a shell, the inside is up to me! Again love the idea of flexibility of design including walls.

Unlike above the door to the house is in a legal position for oz. I.e don’t need to put in the work and change it.

Slightly bigger at 160 sq ft.

Haven’t received a response yet but don’t believe plans are metric.

Although its slightly bigger, the house is simple more box like than the Weller above. No exterior house details. Which may be both positive and negative. Easier to build but looking less like a house.

D) make my own
Take the positive aspects and design my own!

Materials list etc isn’t provided for me, so harder to build in that respect.

Take more time to do since I have a self imposed deadline. I may not have the time.

All information sourced is from the websites of the respective companies.

Dilemmas .. What does a girl do? Anything else this girl needs to consider?


2 thoughts on “Tiny house plans

  1. I bought the Moschata, and they are great for $10. Gives me a great idea were to start, as I had zero idea lol. They arent in metric sorry.

  2. Hi,

    Around here (Halifax, NS, Canada) most measuring tapes are both English and Metric – one type on each edge of the tape. Can’t you buy a tape like that?

    There are calculators that do these conversions.

    There are only a few important measurements that you really need to get right: width, height, and length. These are regulated by the government and can’t be exceeded.

    There are many CAD programs out there, and some of them are free (like Google Sketch Up). If you put in a plan in English, they all should be able to convert to metric for you. (I haven’t tried Sketch Up, I have a higher end program that I bought years ago.)

    Google Tiny House Design. This is Michael Janzen’s site. He uses Sketch Up and has made his component files available for free. He has both free plans and plans for sale (at $9.95 US each!). They are in English as they come from the US (as most do). Also you can download his plans in both PDF and Sketch Up.

    You might want to buy the eBooks put out by Michael Janzen, Jay Shafer, Dee Williams, and Alex Pino.

    If you are going to use RV Parks, they can refuse Tiny Houses as they don’t look like RVs. Glen L sells plans for wooden RVs which you can change to suit yourself and you have an acceptable exterior for the fussy RV Parks.

    Doors in frames are sold to swing left or right; you simply buy the one you need.

    Hope some of this helps!

    John C

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