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Building a tiny house in oz

Tiny house Thursday: Ella’s little yellow door

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First up.. Ella’s little yellow door. This is the house that first started it for me so It made sense to start here!! Ella was in a similar position to myself! Ill let her tell you
The more I perused Craigslist housing for an area I fancied living in and the more I thought about the work that goes into surviving with $1000 rent, the less my floaty, creative, work-to-live ways seemed likely to tick the necessary boxes.
So started her (and mine) tiny house journey. Ella started her tiny house in September 2011 and completed it in a little more than a year.
In summary,
 Bathroom Ella used a galvanised horse trough as a bath. As well as a copper pipes and shower rod. Which service as both water source and a shower curtain rail.  She is using a old fashioned compost toilet. She has no sink and facet though. A combination of where to put it and drilling another hole in her trailer. I love the idea of a horse trough! Given that it is lighter than a normal bath and the metal looks great with the wood. Check out the photos with on her blog below!
Floor plan: Ella used tumbleweed fencl floor plan. Which uses a main room at the front and a bathroom/kitchen at the back next door to each other! She seems to have modified it a little. she used space in her main room for the kitchen and hence added an extra room ( what she calls her pink room) I love the bay window of the fencl but don’t know if I could use some of the main room. I need open space! She uses the traditional fencl sleeping loft.
Electric/plumbing  Ella used professionals for both her electrical and plumbing so not much information is supplied. She uses an rv water heater. But I don’t know where her water/electricity comes from or goes in the case of grey water. Because she has a composting toilet there is no black water.
Kitchen Again not much information, she had her kitchen counters made by a friend first. it looks like a simple faucet and circular metal sink. Ella uses a traditional portable camp gas two burner which you poor alcohol straight into.
Name best coming from her! Interestingly little yellow door, does in fact have a yellow door! I’ll let her tell you why!
 I chose the name Little Yellow (Buidhe Bheag) because to me, yellow means sunshine, daffodils and California. In Gaelic, the colour yellow (buidhe) is often used as a positive emphasis symbolizing happiness, luck or beauty. A person who is “pretty, yellow” (brèagha, buidhe) is very pretty indeed, and the phrase “I am yellow” (tha mi buidhe) means that one is well, happy or satisfied.
Check out her little yellow door at http://littleyellowdoor.wordpress.com/
Next time: we continue where to park tour! Can I park tinyhouseinoz on private land?
Till then

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