Tiny house in oz

Building a tiny house in oz

Succumbed to the suggestions of social media.

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Ok. Well I have given in to the social semis pressure. tinyhouseinoz now has its own Facebook page and Pinterest page!! The links are below if you would like to follow on and share!!

Speaking of social Media. A few worthy pages to follow. Especially for those who are in oz.

1) Tiny houses Australia.


This page, has been amazing for ideas, rants and generally connecting with after tiny houses being build in oz. The tiny house movement is tiny pun intended) here in oz with only about 5 or 6 of us currently building a tiny house. It’s been great to have each other around putting out ideas, helping each other’s obstacles, giving opinions, and generally conversing about tiny houses. pop on over and join the community. Tell them I sent you!!

2) tiny Aussie homes

This page belongs to a gold cost fans who are  approaching the finishing line of finishing their  tiny house. Been amazing to watch the progress as it it documented!!! There is also a tiny house get together planneas when this is finished. A great resource for me as their house is similar design to what mine will be!  You can find them at


3) tiny abode.


Beck is a fellow Sydney sider who is just starting her tiny house build. Have yet to find out more. If you are in Sydney you may even get to help build. Follow her at the above link.

This is so much fun i think I’ll do it every Thursday. Tiny house Thursday!!

till next time.


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