Tiny house in oz

Building a tiny house in oz

A follow up from last week

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Just had an early morning FaceTime with Angela and Paul at tumbleweed. Re the $500 extra, workshop and other stuff

1. The $500 fee
They used the standard line that it takes their architects 30 hours to convert the plans and aren’t prepared to waive it. The good news is that they WERE prepared to waive the fee for the fencl and the wigby since it is already done. But weren’t prepared to tell me how to get the metric plans online without getting the $500 added on.

They were prepared for an Australian architect to do it. So if anyone knows one please let me know and maybe we can throw them some work! . They were also prepared to split the fees if more than one person bought the fees. They also had a few questions about Australian design regulations so an architect would help with that side as well. Get in touch with them or me if you are and would like to help! Maybe if someone does we can get the fee removed!

2. Workshop
We didn’t talk lots about the workshop but he did tell me that it is presented by a an Aussie and a NZ’der. Didn’t tell me who though! We had a laugh, he didn’t know about great Tasman rivalry! I must have made a face when he said NZ!! Dangers of FaceTime!

Still unsure about which plans to go with. What attracted me to tumbleweed was that fact that it looked more like a house, rather then a box on wheels. Pondering over the next week. In the mean time it is back to rules and regulations!!

Till next tiny time


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