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A break from the law: a week of yay’s and nah’s

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A bit of a curveball this week meant that regulations had to be put on hold.

The week started with much excitement. Tumbleweed ( the company that owns the plans I am building off) announced that they are doing an October workshop In australia!! to say i was excited is an understatement!! These workshops help you design and build your own tiny house! This was great news for me!! This road of tiny house planning is a long lonely one and I was excited at the prospect of meeting other tiny housers in oz in person as well as hearing what tips etc tumbleweed has to say. some of us discuss tiny houses on a Facebook page (thank you tiny houses Australia – you save my sanity at times) but it will be great to meet in person!! Looking forward to it!!

The next day, while researching these workshops, I found out that tumbleweed has added a few extra fees on top of the price of their plans. One of these fees includes a $500 fee to convert into metric measurements!! Yes $500!!! , considering the plans are already going to cost me $900 Upwards. I thought this was an unreasonable fee especially when you take into account that they have already done this for several of their clients ( for free I might add) and that the USA is one of three countries that use the old measurements!! The workshop itself is over $250 even with the early bird discount!Once it is done it shouldn’t need to be done over and over again with every plan that is sold!! Am I right ?? Or am I just over thinking it?? The amount seems especially high. $100 I might reconsider, but $500??!! That’s nearly half the cost of the plans!! Other things I could spend that money on in my house!!

So, unsure of weather I will stick with the tumbleweed plans. there are a number of options. Including buying the plans in imperial ( saving money but costing building time ) buying another tape measure in imperial measurements ( is that possible here in oz??) paying someone to do it all for me ( costing money but saving time). Another downside of converting it is when other people are involved, not just. Aussie  plumbers, electricians, carpenters etc all work in metres/cm. Lot of fuss and work for something that should be free already come with the plans!! Can you tell I’m annoyed!! Appealed to tumbleweed to change the fees. So, to be continued…

Thanks to the Facebook page.  I was alerted to a similar design for a tiny house for $10 , yes $10!! Originally went with tumbleweed because they were offering me a deal that can’t be missed ( as the house I am intending to build is one of the first in oz) but they have reconsidered that offer as well. This design is very very similar to the fencl, but with a more flexible approach. The inside is entirely your own design. I am not design/arty minded in any way whatsoever so designing my own from scratch was out of the question. But this may be a better compromise. These plans seem less detailed than tumbleweed ones though. To modify/change the tumbleweed plans would be an added fee!

Oh the decisions…

A big tiny house shout out to tiny houses Australia Facebook page for all of their ideas , conversations and for lending me their listening ears this week  during my rant sessions!! This journey toward tiny house living is made so much better for all of you. i will try and put the link below, if you are on Facebook , come join us. I promise it’s not all me ranting!! If you search tiny houses Australia you should get it!! If the link doesn’t work!!


Till next time…


One thought on “A break from the law: a week of yay’s and nah’s

  1. It is a hard one as to what to do with plans… I understand that Tumbleweed is a Business and they are in it to make a profit, but I agree with you that Once they have been generated, the Metric / Imperial plans should be available at the same price (certainly not a $500 difference) and $900 for plans can be thought of as either very expensive (compared to other plans that are available) or very cheap (compared to going to an architect and starting from scratch).

    As far as the support of our page, that will always be there for you Beth and feel free to rant and rave as much as you like lol. I am so appreciative of the fact that you are willing to share what you are learning as you lead the charge down this road. I am grateful that you are on the team and I and the rest of the community are here to help you in what ever way we can…

    Onwards and Upwards…

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