Tiny house in oz

Building a tiny house in oz

Making a move with miss m

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A few weeks ago, I made a deal with a close friend. She attends a festival every year during the Easter break. She was telling me about it and it sounded great!! We both have massive goals to reach, so we made a deal. If she achieved her goal, I would take her to this festival in my tiny house!! So now i have a deadline of a year!! Most people in a similar situation I.e no building experience and working on it part time, have done this is approximately that time frame. So I am confident that I can do it in that period. At the end of the year it should be liveable. Able to be lived in while I keep making improvements!!

I figure I could spend years dreaming and planning, pinning ideas on pin interest, googling tiny house etc, taking about building it, hours and hours of dreaming but no action. I am a queen of procrastination. So time to ‘defy gravity’ , as one of my favourite songs says just do it. Planning is great and an important part of building. But there is a time for action. Specific research, plans and actions that will get this done!!

So expect a change, more information as you dear reader keep me accountable.

Next: is it legal? Looking at various regulations which may or may not affect tiny house building and living.


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