Tiny house in oz

Building a tiny house in oz

Why blog


Why.. Why … Why

It’s a funny question. Asking ‘Why’ indicates curiosity, maybe even confusion. A question of purpose and intent.. Asked by children out of curiosity or adults in sorrow and pain. Why.

So why blog?

To document a never done before project in Australia.

The plan is to build a tiny house. If you haven’t seen them before this is a house on a flat bed trailer. There are numerous plans available from various companies  but the aim is to build a fencl from tumbleweed tiny house company.  This is a company based in the USA, but as far as I know no one has built one in Australia. This blog will document the whole process, for myself as well as others who are interested in doing the same thing later.


2 thoughts on “Why blog

  1. This is a very exciting project! I would love to know more about it… which state you are in, are you building it on a trailer, will you set up permanently on a block (and does local government allow this), how easy it is to connect services etc. Will be checking back here 🙂


    • Hi Sal
      Thanks for your comment. Building in Sydney, yes will be on a trailer. Makes it easier to avoid building laws like needing a DA or an owner builders licence. Legally it’s a moveable dwelling and doesn’t come under the same boat as a normal building would. Still looking into regulations for state and federal! Undecided about electricity/water but you can go both on and off grid with the plans.

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