Tiny house in oz

Building a tiny house in oz

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Basic Tools

First tools brought today: measuring thingo, hammer pencil and safety googles. Yes I know ‘ measuring thingo’ isn’t a proper name for a tool but hey I’m just learning!! Getting very real and exciting. May have some exciting news about plans soon so cross fingers.

Next stop: look into state and federal building regulations.


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Regulations part 1: local council

Except from development!!!

You have no idea how good it is to read those words!!! In oz there are council, state, and federal laws regarding building “new dwellings”. My head hurts from all the rules and regulations but from what i understand according to council laws tiny houses are exempt from requiring a development application or DA. This is an expensive process as well as a long one so I am very happy!!

According to local council tiny houses are exempt from requiring a DA because they are ‘ moveable’ and registrable’ This council has a free service with a ‘duty planner’ so I will contact them this week to clarify but all looking good!!

Next stop: talk to council as well as other builders, caravan manufactures, other government agencies to clarify building laws.

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Why a tiny house

Picture your last mortgage payment or weekly rent. What was it?? $200 , $300 or even $500+ what would have done with that money if you didn’t have to repay the loan? Travel? Education?? College fund for your kids? Work less maybe? If you take the minimal amount of $200 a week that equates to $10,400 a year. What would you do with an extra $10,000?? If your loan payments are $500 a week than that’s a whopping $26,000 a year on mortgage payments alone. The above doesn’t include interest, fees and charges, and other associated costs like repairing, heating, cooling and maintaining your house.

So why a tiny house??

1) Financial. I admit my reasons are firstly selfish. Instead of giving $26,000 to someone else, whether it happens to be the bank or your landlord, I am choosing to build a house. Not for everyone I understand. Two adults and five kids in a 130 sq ft tiny house is unrealistic. But for a single women with no plans of husband or kids, who has a fickle income. This is the perfect solution!! Tiny house means smaller bills, heating, cooling , repairing water, power etc. All lower on non existent in a tiny house

2) Simplify. I grew up in a normal middle class Aussie house. I love my parents they gave me everything I ever needed and I will be forever grateful. But now I have lots and lots of stuff. Stuff that is not needed. Stuff that needs to be maintained, repaired, stored etc. stuff that gets in the way if life. So I’m decluttering!! I’m building a tiny house to have what I need not what I want. To simplify life , to not be tied down by it. To make life less complicated and just easier. Yes I know this build will not be easy. I realise that this will be one of the hardest things ill ever do. But the end result is worth the journey.


Why blog

Why.. Why … Why

It’s a funny question. Asking ‘Why’ indicates curiosity, maybe even confusion. A question of purpose and intent.. Asked by children out of curiosity or adults in sorrow and pain. Why.

So why blog?

To document a never done before project in Australia.

The plan is to build a tiny house. If you haven’t seen them before this is a house on a flat bed trailer. There are numerous plans available from various companies ┬ábut the aim is to build a fencl from tumbleweed tiny house company. ┬áThis is a company based in the USA, but as far as I know no one has built one in Australia. This blog will document the whole process, for myself as well as others who are interested in doing the same thing later.